Graduate form from the Academy of Art (ASP) in Łódź, Poland – diploma/degree  in drawing and painting under Professor Marian Jaeschke and diploma/ degree in gobelin under Professor Antonii Starczewski. Graduated from  a 2 year  Diploma course in fabrics conservations.

Her first mentor of fine art painting was Prod. Lech Kunka.

In her work she is inspired by the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church, draws portraits and caricatures, landscapes and works with deep expression in form and concepts.

Cooperation expert in renovation and reconstruction of polychromies of wooden churches, altars, sculptures and other paintings.

She has been in close ties with the European Centre of Culture LOGOS directed by the prelate Waldemar Sondka since the very beginning in charge of posters’ drawing, leaflets designing and set scenography.

Very active and present in year to year auctions sales “Painting with Hope” with profits dedicated to disables children.

Author of many art exhibitions as well as of a number of  paintings workshops en plain air.

One of the co-founders of the artistic group PLUS – MINUS.

Worked as head of design in light industry over the course of 10 years.

Personally in love with mountains and music. Family and traditions oriented person.

Maria Kępińska – an art critic:
“Urszula paints landscapes, portraits, still lifes, metaphorical paintings as well as caricatures. She is inspired by the tradition of the eastern church and religious painting. However, she usually deals with topics involving man existing in the world still loaded with intensive emotions. Coming from all around, they stimulate action or in-depth observation. The artist searches for a way to show a simultaneous vision of the essence of the feelings and the situations connected with them. Hence the presence of a peculiar theatrical approach towards the fragment of the reality she depicts in her paintings. Therefore, for Urszula the process of creation is both a view and artistic reflection as well as the conscious participation of art in the description of the fascinating theatre of life.
It is not the kind of painting which is restricted to any of the conventions. Realism functions in it as one of the elements creating the atmosphere of otherness, certain indeterminacy, the singularity of human existence.”